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    CSci320 High-Level Computer Languages Winter 2007

      2007-03-20 Tue Mar 20 17:03 Winter Project LRMs graded

      Your LRM have been graded: [ grading/ ]

      Best of luck with the final: 12noon tomorrow in JBH356.

      2007-03-16 Fri Mar 16 11:03 Spring -- Room Changed

      I've managed to get the class room moved from the TC023A (No computers or projector, and a long way a way) to JBH358. Also I've updated the syllabus for CS320 [ spring.syllabus.html ] in one or two small ways.

      2007-03-14 Wed Mar 14 17:03 lab/19 Errors in the definition of cone...

      Did I mention that typing is very important in Prolog?

      Some more grades have been posted...

      2007-03-14 Wed Mar 14 07:03 Spring schedule online

      If you are planning to take CS320 in Spring please use this [ spring.schedule.html ] schedule.

      2007-03-12 Mon Mar 12 15:03 Grades Posted

      [ grading/ ]

      2007-03-12 Mon Mar 12 15:03 Announcements re Final, Last Class, and Everything

      (1) Bring lots of blank paper to the final on Wednsday 21st,

      (2) The last class, Project Presentations is on Monday the 19th.

      (3) During Finals week I will be updating this web site ready for the Spring quarter. I'll move the grades for this quarter into a oldgrading. After the final the schedule will become the spring quarter...

      2007-03-07 Wed Mar 7 14:03 Template for final

      [ template.pdf ]

      Next: [ 18.html ] (Prolog 101).

      2007-03-06 Tue Mar 6 11:03 Grades Posted

      I've transcribed Dr. Gomez's grades and added the project grading and class+lab from Monday March 5th -- [ grading/ ] -- please check since bulk grading tends to be error prone.

      Next: Exception and Event handling [ 17.html ]

      2007-02-08 Thu Feb 8 06:02 Duff and Grades

      I've made the lab [ lab/09.html ] a little easier by including a sampe of how to call Duff's function -- and fixing a bug in it.

      The grades [ grading ] have been posted.

      2007-02-05 Mon Feb 5 15:02 Grades done

      Grades for today, and corrections have been posted.

      2007-02-02 Fri Feb 2 09:02 Project Phase 1 Iteration 1 Grades posted

      See [ grading/ ] for latest grading. The marked up deliverables will be returned on Monday -- or to any team memember who collects them from my office.

      I think most groups may wish to resubmit there phase 1 documents at the start of the 12th class.

      By the way, an alumni of CSci320 contributed to [ phalanger-intro.asp ] an article on a .NET system for PHP called Phalanger. The Code Project website [ ] looks like a good resource if you are into developing software for the MicroSoft Platforms.

      2007-01-31 Wed Jan 31 15:01 Fortress and FORTRAN

      Fortress a big jump on Fortran [ 0,7204,21124560%5E15321%5E%5Enbv%5E,00.html ]
        Barbara Gengler JANUARY 30, 2007

        REMEMBER Fortran? Sun Microsystems is developing a follow-up programming language that may drive high-performance computing in the future.

        The prototype Fortress, released as open-source software, is intended to take the place of Fortran.

        Sun also released a series of draft specifications of the language and published formal calculi and soundness proofs of several of the core language features.

      2007-01-24 Wed Jan 24 16:01 First grades posted...

      Go to [ grading/ ] , input your PINword, and look for the row with "***" to see your scores so far.

      2007-01-22 Mon Jan 22 14:01 Java and the Kitchen Sink Language

      This just in from the Assoc of Computing Machinary:
        Sun Microsystems has announced that it will open-source its new Java compiler, Javac, through a project known as the Kitchen Sink Language (KSL), which will allow programmers to play around with the language in hopes of obtaining data on which to base debates concerning the dynamic language. Javac lead tech Peter von der Ahe says, "I see a lot of proposal for enhancing the language and our team has to turn down most. So how can we experiment?" KSL, a Sun incubator project created by Java creator and Sun Fellow James Gosling, is a forum that will let programmers evaluate the language "by using [it] on their own code," rather than reading abstract specifications and proposals, according to von der Ahe. He understands the potential for chaos that KSL could bring to the language, so he explains that Sun must be "conservative" when evaluating features to implement. In a Jan. 8 blog post, Gosling said, "I've never been real happy with debates about language features. I'd much rather implement them and try them out." Though some took this to mean that Gosling did not like any debate on the subject, he clarified himself by explaining that he did not approve of debate when it was separated from "experiment and data," and that KSL will provide this type of scientific foundation for debating features.

      [ 0,1759,2081936,00.asp ] ( eWeek (01/15/07) Vol. 24, No. 2, P. 16; Taft, Darryl K.)

      2007-01-19 Fri Jan 19 09:01 Website runs your code -- BASIC Pascal Perl C++

      David Cumbow (CS320 last spring) sent me a link [ ] to a web site that lets you input a piece of cade and compile/run it!

      Don't know how good it is.... but what a cool idea.

      2007-01-17 Wed Jan 17 13:01 Project Language Annonced -- SOOP

      Language Reference Manual: [ SOOP.txt ] (raw) [ SOOP.html ] (rendered as HTML)

      2007-01-12 Fri Jan 12 12:01 Next class is on Wednsday

      We have a holiday on Monday which gives us time to catch up on the reading... on Wednsday morning bring in 3 questions+answer from Chapter 1 AND 3 questions+answers from Chapter 2. I'll grade them in class. Scores from chapter 1 will credited to class 2 [ 02.html ] and those from chapter 2 to class 3 [ 03.html ] (Weds 17th January).

      2007-01-11 Thu Jan 11 10:01 Update -- web sites created

      Latest news:
        Dear Dr. Botting,

        Those two students' web spaces are created. Thanks,

      2007-01-11 Thu Jan 11 08:01 Getting Web Accounts -- Andrew and Tim

      I got this reply from the systems administrator...
        Please send student to help desk and let them fill out the application for cs accounts. Let student to put "WEB SPACE" on top of the application. Thanks,


      2007-01-10 Wed Jan 10 15:01 Room Change to JBH356

      All the future lectures and the final will occur in the laboratory -- JBH356.

      No class next Monday!

      Assigned work for next Wednsday. Study chapter 1 and hand in 3 questions+answers. Study chapter 2 and hand in 3 review questions+answers.

      Note: I've corrected the deadline for the final phase of the project in two files so that it matches the end of the office hour: five minutes earlier.

      2007-01-09 Tue Jan 9 10:01 Fixed glitch in labs by removing frame from CS320 pages

      I'm just undoing the big change on this set of pages...

      2007-01-08 Mon Jan 8 12:01 High wind announcements

      The campus has been closed.

      It would be good if you can go to a computer science lab and try out your log in.

      The labs for the class have been moved to JBH356.

      Get the text and study chapter 1 ready for the next class -- and bring in question+answers for the review questions -- see handout for details.

      Meanwhile, news of the language D [ 3652176 ]

      2007-01-08 Mon Jan 8 09:01 Change of Plan -- Office hours 2:40-3:40

      I'm moving my office hours 5 minutes earlier than in the printed syllabi to give me time to walk across campus to TC013.

      2007-01-03 Wed Jan 3 10:01 Small schedule change

      I'll need more time to do the final grading so [ schedule.html ] shows the draft grades being posted later.

      2006-12-20 Wed Dec 20 10:12 Modula and Ada in Dr. Dobbs

      Interesting: [ modula2_modula3.html;jsessionid=YCQUJCWU350MWQSNDLRCKH0CJUNN2JVN ] (Modula-2, Modula-3, Whatever. ) [ lets_hear_for_t.html ] (Let's hear it for Ada)

      2006-12-19 Tue Dec 19 11:12 Draft syllabus and improved schedule

      I've clarified the schedule [ schedule.html ] and updated the syllabus [ syllabus.html ] for this course. [Contact] me if you have any problems or questions.

      I've also fixed the [Search...] engine!

      2006-12-06 Wed Dec 6 10:12 Draft Schedule published

      I've uploaded and published the draft [ schedule.html ] , please check it for errors. The syllabus will follow after I finish grading and things -- next week. However I don't plan any big changes from the old syllabusses.

      2006-12-01 Fri Dec 1 13:12 Decline in Visual BASIC Questioned

      CSci320 is about different languages. New languages are being created all the time. And yesterday's "great" language starts to slide into museum status...

      [ 0,1895,2065392,00.asp ]

      I'll be starting renovating the cs320 web site ready for the Winter Quarter 2007 "Real Soon Now".

      2006-11-28 Tue Nov 28 13:11 Popular languages list

      From David Cumbow -- a 320 alumni:
        Thought you might like this for your 320 class. Also for our Senior Seminar so people can know what is out there and is popular...

        [ index.htm?tiobe_index ]

      2006-11-07 Tue Nov 7 11:11 Winter 2007 CSCI320 Scheduled

       CSCI 320  MW 12-115 + 130-2:20 Final Mar ??
      [ plan.html ]

      I'll be sorting out the day-by-day schedule in December 2006.

      Meanwhile.... I hope to work with the Computer Science Club to provide coverage several interesting languages that I can't cover in detail... for credit.

      2006-06-16 Fri Jun 16 08:06 Draft Final and Course Grades Posted

      I've posted the grades for the final and for the whole course. Here is the distribution of grades
      The worst topics (=lowest mean score) were Chapter 7 (Expressions) and Chapter 12 (Objects).

      Please review these as soon as possible and tell me of any errors.

      Previous Entries Archived

      [ blog2006spring.html ]

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