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    Smalltalk Methods Initially defined in Our Smalltalk.

      Array methods

    1. lessthan::= theArray < aCollection::= Test for lexicographic ordering.
    2. equals::= theArray = aCollection::= Test for all elements equal.
    3. atput::= theArray at: index put: value::= returns an array with an element change.
    4. binaryDo::= theArray binaryDo: aBlock::=Sends aBlock subscript and element pairs.
    5. collect::= theArray collect: aBlock ::= TheArray is fed thru aBlock to become a new array`.
    6. copyFromlowto::= theArray copyFrom: low to: high ::= returns a subarray low..hig.
    7. deepCopy::= theArray deepCopy.
    8. deepCopyFromto::= theArray deepCopyFrom: low to: high .
    9. do::= theArray do: aBlock::= sending its elements to the block one by one.
    10. exchange::= theArray exchange: a and: b ::=returns object with elements interchanged.
    11. grow::= theArray grow: aValue ::= produces a larger array from theArray`.
    12. includesKey::= theArray includesKey: index ::=returns a Boolea.
    13. new::= theArray new ::= produces a new empty array object`.
    14. reverseDo::= theArray reverseDo: aBlock ::=sends elements from last to first into aBlock`.
    15. select::= theArray select: aCond ::= selects elements in theArray that fit aCond giving an array`.
    16. shallowCopy::= theArray shallowCopy.
    17. size::= theArray size ::=returns an Integer equal to the number of elements.
    18. withdo::= theArray with: aCollection do: aBlock ::=sends pairs from theArray and aCollection to aBlock.
    19. with::= theArray with: aCollection ifAbsent: z do: aBlock .
    20. with::= theArray with: newElement Returns a new array with newElement added to it`.

      Block methods

    21. blockContext::= theBlock blockContext: aContext.
    22. checkArgumentCount::= theBlock checkArgumentCount: count ::=returns True object if number arguments in theBlock is equal to count.
    23. value::= theBlock value ::=returns the object returned by the last statement in the bloc.
    24. value::= theBlock value: x Evaluate using x as an argument and return value of last statement.
    25. valuevalue::= theBlock value: x value: y Evaluate using x an y as arguments... valuevaluevalue:= theBlock value: x value: y value: z Evaluate using x,y and z as argument.
    26. whileFalse::= theBlock whileFalse: aBlock repeats theBlock until aBlock is true`.
    27. whileTrue::= theBlock whileTrue ::= repeating the block if its value is Tru.
    28. whileTrue::= theBlock whileTrue: aBlock repeating aBlock and while theBlock returns true.

      Boolean Methods

    29. and::= theBoolean and: aBlock if theBoolean is true then evaluates block. If both true returns true, else returns false.
    30. ifFalse::= theBoolean ifFalse: falseBlock if theBoolean is false evaluate the block.
    31. ifFalse::= theBoolean ifFalse: falseBlock ifTrue: trueBlock ifthenelse, in fact handled by either True or False.
    32. ifTrue::= theBoolean ifTrue: trueBlock if theBoolean is true then evaluate the trueBlock.
    33. or::= theBoolean or: aBlock If theBoolean is false evaluates aBlock and returns True if aBlock returns true.

      ByteArray methods

    34. asString::= theByteArray asString ::=returns converted array as a string.
    35. basicAt::= theByteArray basicAt: index ::=returns byte at index position in the ByteArray.
    36. basicAt::= theByteArray basicAt: index put: value ::=returns array of bytes with element at index changed to be value.
    37. size::= theByteArray size ::=returns an integer equal number of elements in array.
    38. size::= theByteArray size: value ?.

      Char methods

    39. <::= theChar < aValue ::=returns Boolean true/false depending on comparison.
    40. =::= theChar = aValue ::=returns Boolean true/false depending on comparison.
    41. ==::= theChar == aValue ::=returns true iff same objects.
    42. asInteger::= theChar asInteger ::=returns numeric equivalent of character.
    43. asString::= theChar asString ::=returns the string with theChar as its single element.
    44. digitValue::= theChar digitValue ::=return result of converting theChar to a digit(decimal?).
    45. isAlphaNumeric::= theChar isAlphaNumeric ::=returns Boolean, true when letter or digit.
    46. isAlphabetic::= theChar isAlphabetic ::=returns Boolean, true when letter.
    47. isBlank::= theChar isBlank ::=returns a Boolean, true when theChar is blank.
    48. isChar::= theChar isChar.
    49. isDigit::= theChar isDigit ::=returns Boolean, true when theCahr is a digit.
    50. isLowercase::= theChar isLowercase ::=returns a Boolean, true when theCahr is a lower case letter.
    51. isUppercase::= theChar isUppercase ::=returns a Boolean, tru when a capital letter.
    52. printString::= theChar printString ::=returns printable image.
    53. value::= theChar value: aValue private - used for initialization `.

      Class methods

    54. addMethod::= theClass addMethod ::= Lets you add a new method to theClass - using an editor`.
    55. addSubClass::= theClass addSubClass ::= Adds a new class with variables, name etc - interactive.`.
    56. addSubClass::= theClass addSubClass: aSymbol instanceVariableNames: aString .
    57. display::= theClass display.
    58. doEdit::= theClass doEdit: method.
    59. editMethod::= theClass editMethod: aSymbol Lets you edit method of theClass called aSymbol`.
    60. fileOut::= theClass fileOut ::=Sends text version of theClass to open file`.
    61. fileOutMethodsOn::= theClass fileOutMethodsOn: aFile.
    62. fileOutOn::= theClass fileOutOn: aFile.
    63. initialize::= theClass initialize ?.
    64. instanceSize::= theClass instanceSize ?.
    65. methodNamed::= theClass methodNamed: aSymbol ?`.
    66. methods::= theClass methods ::= generates a dictionary of methods of theClass.
    67. name::= theClass name ::=returns the name of theClass.
    68. name::= theClass name: aString ?`.
    69. new::= theClass new ::=returns a new object as an instance of class and also sends it a new' message if the Class has one'.
    70. new::= theClass new: size hack out block the right size and class `.
    71. printString::= theClass printString ::=returns printable image.
    72. readInstanceVariables::= theClass readInstanceVariables.
    73. readMethods::= theClass readMethods.
    74. respondsTo::= theClass respondsTo ::=returns a collection of methods that theClass responds to.
    75. respondsTo::= theClass respondsTo: theSymbol ::=returns Boolean, true if theClass responds to theSymbol.
    76. subClasses::= theClass subClasses ?.
    77. superClass::= theClass superClass ::=returns the Class theClass is a subclass of.
    78. superClass::= theClass superClass: aClass ::=returns Boolean, true if aClass is a super class of theClass.
    79. upSuperclassChain::= theClass upSuperclassChain: aBlock ?.
    80. variables::= theClass variables ::=returns a Collection of the instance variables of theClass.
    81. variables::= theClass variables: nameArray ?.
    82. viewMethod::= theClass viewMethod: methodNameSymbol.
    83. watch::= theClass watch: name .

      Collection methods

    84. <::= theCollection < aCollection ::=returns Boolean true/false depending on comparison.
    85. =::= theCollection = aCollection ::= Test for equality.
    86. asArray::= theCollection asArray ::=return an array of elements in theCollection.
    87. asByteArray::= theCollection asByteArray ::=return an array of elements in theCollection.
    88. asSet::= theCollection asSet ::=return a set of elements in theCollection with noduplicates.
    89. asString::= theCollection asString ::=return a string representing the collection.
    90. display::= theCollection display ::= output the elements in the array to the termina.
    91. includes::= theCollection includes: value.
    92. includes::= theCollection includes: value ::=return Boolean, True if valu is in theCollection.
    93. inject::= theCollection inject: thisValue into: binaryBlock .
    94. inject::= theCollection inject: thisValue into: binaryBlock ?.
    95. isEmpty::= theCollection isEmpty ::=returns Boolean, true whne theCollection is empty.
    96. occurrencesOf::= theCollection occurrencesOf: anObject ::=returns an Integer count of the number of times anObject occurs in theCollection.
    97. printString::= theCollection printString ::=returns printable image.
    98. size::= theCollection size ::=returns integer equal to number of elements in theCollection.
    99. sort::= theCollection sort ::=returns a collection of elements in lexographic order.
    100. sort::= theCollection sort: aBlock ::=returns sorted collection using block to compare pairs.

      Context methods

    101. arguments::= theContext arguments: value ?.
    102. atput::= theContext at: key put: value.
    103. blockReturn::= theContext blockReturn.
    104. copy::= theContext copy.
    105. executeFromcreator::= theContext executeFrom: value creator: interp ?.
    106. method::= theContext method: value ?.
    107. returnToBlock::= theContext returnToBlock: bytePtr.
    108. temporaries::= theContext temporaries ?.
    109. temporaries::= theContext temporaries: theTemporary ?`.

      Dictinary methods

    110. at::= theDictionary at: aKey ifAbsent: exceptionBlock ::=returns element with aKey or returns value of exceptionBlock.
    111. at::= theDictionary at: aKey put: aValue Places aValue in theDictionary with key Akay.
    112. basicRemoveKey::= theDictionary basicRemoveKey: aKey::= removes aKey from theDictionary.
    113. binaryDo::= theDictionary binaryDo: aBlock ::=Sends pairs of subscripts and relevant values to aBlock.
    114. display::= theDictionary display ::= show what keys are in theDictionary.
    115. hash::= theDictionary hash: aKey ?.
    116. includesKey::= theDictionary includesKey: aKey True if aKey is in theDictionar.
    117. new::= theDictionary new ::=returns an empty dictionary - automatic done when any dictionary is created.
    118. removeKey::= theDictionary removeKey: aKey::= removes aKey from theDictionary.
    119. removeKey::= theDictionary removeKey: aKey ifAbsent: exceptionBlock::= removes aKey or evaluates the excptionBlock.

      False Methods

    120. ifTrue::= theFalse ifTrue: trueBlock ifFalse: falseBlock Evaluates the trueBlock.
    121. not::= theFalse not ::=returns True.
    122. printString::= theFalse printString.
    123. xor::= theFalse xor: aBoolean.

      File methods

    124. asString::= theFile asString .
    125. close::= theFile close.
    126. delete::= theFile delete.
    127. fileIn::= theFile fileIn.
    128. fileIn::= theFile fileIn: name.
    129. getNumber::= theFile getNumber.
    130. getString::= theFile getString.
    131. mode::= theFile mode: m.
    132. name::= theFile name.
    133. name::= theFile name: string.
    134. open::= theFile open.
    135. open::= theFile open: m.
    136. print::= theFile print: aString.
    137. printNoReturn::= theFile printNoReturn: aString.
    138. readUntil::= theFile readUntil: conditionBlock doing: actionBlock .
    139. saveImage::= theFile saveImage.
    140. scratchFile::= theFile scratchFile.

      Float methods

    141. *::= theFloat * value ::=returns product as floating point.
    142. +::= theFloat + value ::=returns sum.
    143. -::= theFloat - value ::=returns the difference. /::= theFloat / value ::=returns the result of floating point division.
    144. <::= theFloat < value ::=returns Boolean true/false depending on comparison.
    145. =::= theFloat = value ::=returns Boolean true/false depending on comparison.
    146. ceiling::= theFloat ceiling ::=returns next integer equal or above theFloat.
    147. coerce::= theFloat coerce: value ::=returns a value in a different class(?).
    148. exp::= theFloat exp ::=returns e to the power (theFloat).
    149. floor::= theFloat floor ::=returns largest integer less than of equal to theFloat.
    150. fractionalPart::= theFloat fractionalPart ::=return the fractional part of theFloat.
    151. generality::= theFloat generality ::=returns an integer indicating direction of coercions.
    152. integerPart::= theFloat integerPart ::=returns integer.
    153. isFloat::= theFloat isFloat.
    154. ln::= theFloat ln ::=returns the natural logarithm of theFloat.
    155. new::= theFloat new.
    156. printString::= theFloat printString ::=returns printable image.
    157. quo::= theFloat quo: value.
    158. rounded::= theFloat rounded ::=returns an Integer closest to theFloat.
    159. sqrt::= theFloat sqrt ::=returns the square root of theFloat.
    160. truncated::= theFloat truncated ::=returns Integer below(?) or closer to zero(?) theFloat.

      Fraction methods

    161. *::= theFraction * f ::= multiplication`.
    162. +::= theFraction + f ::= sum, addition`.
    163. -::= theFraction - f ::= difference, subtraction`. /::= theFraction / f.
    164. <::= theFraction < f ::= Returns Boolean comparison, less than`.
    165. =::= theFraction = f.
    166. abs::= theFraction abs.
    167. asFloat::= theFraction asFloat.
    168. bottom::= theFraction bottom.
    169. coerce::= theFraction coerce: x.
    170. generality::= theFraction generality.
    171. isFraction::= theFraction isFraction.
    172. ln::= theFraction ln.
    173. printString::= theFraction printString.
    174. raisedTo::= theFraction raisedTo: x.
    175. reciprocal::= theFraction reciprocal.
    176. top::= theFraction top.
    177. truncated::= theFraction truncated.
    178. with::= theFraction with: t over: b.

      IndexedCollection methods

    179. addAll::= theIndexedCollection addAll: aCollection Adds whole of aCollection to theIndexedCollection.
    180. asArray::= theIndexedCollection asArray ::=returns equivalent array.
    181. asDictionary::= theIndexedCollection asDictionary ::=returns equivalent dictionary object.
    182. at::= theIndexedCollection at: aKey ::=return item with aKey as key.
    183. at::= theIndexedCollection at: index ifAbsent: exceptionBlock Place aValue in theIndexedCollection with index value index.
    184. binaryInject::= theIndexedCollection binaryInject: thisValue into: aBlock ?.
    185. collect::= theIndexedCollection collect: aBlock ::=returns a similar collection with each element the value returned by the block when given an element in theCollection as an argument.
    186. do::= theIndexedCollection do: aBlock For each item in theIndexedCollection in turn apply the block to the item.
    187. indexOf::= theIndexedCollection indexOf: aBlock ?.
    188. indexOf::= theIndexedCollection indexOf: aBlock ifAbsent: exceptionBlock ?.
    189. keys::= theIndexedCollection keys ::=returns a collection of keys identifying objects in theIndexedCollection.
    190. select::= theIndexedCollection select: aBlock ::=returns a list of items which when passed to aBlock reult in a True value being returned.
    191. values::= theIndexedCollection values ::=returns a set of values in theIndexedCollection.

      Integer methods

    192. *::= theInteger * value ::=returns product as fixed point.
    193. +::= theInteger + value ::=returns sum. ,::= theInteger , value.
    194. -::= theInteger - value ::=returns the difference. /::= theInteger / value ::=returns the fraction. //::= theInteger // value ::=returns result of integer division.
    195. <::= theInteger < value ::=returns Boolean true/false depending on comparison.
    196. =::= theInteger = value ::=returns Boolean true/false depending on comparison.
    197. >::= theInteger > value ::=returns Boolean true/false depending on comparison.
    198. \\::= theInteger \\ value ::=returns result of integer division.
    199. allMask::= theInteger allMask: value ?.
    200. anyMask::= theInteger anyMask: value ?.
    201. asCharacter::= theInteger asCharacter ::=returns equivalent character.
    202. asDigit::= theInteger asDigit ?.
    203. asFloat::= theInteger asFloat ::=returns floating point version of theInteger.
    204. asFraction::= theInteger asFraction.
    205. asLongInteger::= theInteger asLongInteger .
    206. asString::= theInteger asString ::=returns a string representing theInteger as a decima.
    207. bitAnd::= theInteger bitAnd: value rturns result of bitwise operation on theInteger and the value.
    208. bitAt::= theInteger bitAt: value ::=returns integer(?) bit in position value in theInteger.
    209. bitInvert::= theInteger bitInvert rturns result of complementing each bit in theInteger.
    210. bitOr::= theInteger bitOr: value rturns result of bitwise operation on theInteger and the value.
    211. bitShift::= theInteger bitShift: value ::=returns the result of shifting bits in theInteger.
    212. bitXor::= theInteger bitXor: value rturns result of complementing each bit in theInteger.
    213. even::= theInteger even ::=return true if theInteger is divisible by 2.
    214. factorial::= theInteger factorial ::=returns factorial of theInteger.
    215. gcd::= theInteger gcd: value ::=return the greatest common divisor of theInteger and value.
    216. generality::= theInteger generality ::=returns an integer indicating direction of coercions..
    217. isShortInteger::= theInteger isShortInteger.
    218. lcm::= theInteger lcm: value ::=returns the least common multiple of theInteger and value.
    219. new::= theInteger new.
    220. odd::= theInteger odd ::=returns Boolean, true when division by 2 lease a remainder.
    221. printString::= theInteger printString ::=returns printable image.
    222. quo::= theInteger quo: value ::=returns the quotient of when theInteger is divided by value.
    223. radix::= theInteger radix: base ?.
    224. rem::= theInteger rem: value ::=returns the remainder when theInteger is divided by value.
    225. timesRepeat::= theInteger timesRepeat: aBlock repats the evaluation of the block theInteger number of times.
    226. truncated::= theInteger truncated.

      Interval methods

    227. do::= theInterval do: aBlock .
    228. do::= theInterval do: aBlock ::=send each item in turn as agument to aBlock.
    229. first::= theInterval first ::= Starts to generate items in interval, return first.
    230. inRange::= theInterval inRange: value ::=returns Boolean: true if value is in theInterval`.
    231. lower::= theInterval lower: aValue changes the lowest value in theInterval.
    232. next::= theInterval next ::= generates the next item in interval after the last one.
    233. reset::= theInterval reset.
    234. step::= theInterval step: aValue specifies the step in theInterval.
    235. upper::= theInterval upper: aValue changes the upper end of an interval.

      Link methods

    236. add::= theLink add: newValue whenFalse: aBlock ?.
    237. at::= theLink at: aKey ifAbsent: exceptionBlock ::=return item with aKey as key.
    238. at::= theLink at: aKey put: aValue ?.
    239. binaryDo::= theLink binaryDo: aBlock ::=Sends pairs of subscripts and relevant values to aBlock.
    240. includesKey::= theLink includesKey: aKey ?.
    241. key::= theLink key: aKey ?.
    242. link::= theLink link: aLink ?.
    243. next::= theLink next.
    244. removeKey::= theLink removeKey: aKey ?.
    245. removeValue::= theLink removeValue: aValue ?.
    246. reverseDo::= theLink reverseDo: aBlock.
    247. size::= theLink size ::=returns integer equal to number of elements.
    248. value::= theLink value ?.
    249. value::= theLink value: aValue ?.

      List methods

    250. add::= theList add: aValue adds aValue at the head of theList.
    251. add::= theList add: aValue ordered: aBlock adds aValue in the correct place to preserve order in theList.
    252. addAll::= theList addAll: aValue ?.
    253. addFirst::= theList addFirst: aValue add aValue before the first element of theList.
    254. addLast::= theList addLast: aValue add aValue after the end of theList.
    255. collect::= theList collect: aBlock elements in theList are passed to aBlock giving a list of block values.
    256. do::= theList do: aBlock ::=send each item in turn as agument to aBlock.
    257. first::= theList first ::=returns the first item in the list.
    258. links::= theList links.
    259. reject::= theList reject: aBlock ::=returns a list of items that cause the block to return a False value when given items as arguments.
    260. remove::= theList remove: value ::=the value is removed from theList.
    261. removeFirst::= theList removeFirst ::=the first value in theList is removed.
    262. reverseDo::= theList reverseDo: aBlock.
    263. select::= theList select: aBlock ::=returns list of items that aBlock gives a True value.
    264. size::= theList size ::=returns integer equal to number of elements.

      LongInteger methods

    265. *::= theLongInteger * n ::= multiplication`.
    266. +::= theLongInteger + n ::= sum, addition`.
    267. -::= theLongInteger - n ::= difference, subtraction`.
    268. <::= theLongInteger < n ::= Returns Boolean comparison, less than`.
    269. =::= theLongInteger = n.
    270. abs::= theLongInteger abs.
    271. asFloat::= theLongInteger asFloat .
    272. bitShift::= theLongInteger bitShift: n.
    273. coerce::= theLongInteger coerce: n.
    274. digits::= theLongInteger digits.
    275. generality::= theLongInteger generality.
    276. isLongInteger::= theLongInteger isLongInteger.
    277. isShortInteger::= theLongInteger isShortInteger.
    278. negated::= theLongInteger negated.
    279. negative::= theLongInteger negative.
    280. new::= theLongInteger new.
    281. printString::= theLongInteger printString .
    282. quo::= theLongInteger quo: value .
    283. sign::= theLongInteger sign: s digits: d.
    284. timesShort::= theLongInteger timesShort: value .
    285. with::= theLongInteger with: n bitDo: aBlock .

      Magnitude methods

    286. <::= theMagnitude < value ::=returns Boolean true/false depending on comparison.
    287. <=::= theMagnitude <= value ::=returns Boolean true/false depending on comparison.
    288. =::= theMagnitude = value ::=returns Boolean true/false depending on comparison.
    289. >::= theMagnitude > value ::=returns Boolean true/false depending on comparison.
    290. >=::= theMagnitude >= value ::=returns Boolean true/false depending on comparison.
    291. between::= theMagnitude between: low and: high ::=returns Boolean true if theMagnitude is >=high and <= low.
    292. isChar::= theMagnitude isChar.
    293. max::= theMagnitude max: value ::=returns the largest of theMagnitude and value.
    294. min::= theMagnitude min: value ::=returns the lower of theMagnitude and cvalue.
    295. ~=::= theMagnitude ~= value ::=returns Boolean value, true if not equal.

      Method methods

    296. compileWithClass::= theMethod compileWithClass: aClass ?.
    297. display::= theMethod display outputs source code and compiled code of theMethod.
    298. executeWith::= theMethod executeWith: arguments.
    299. message::= theMethod message: aSymbol ?.
    300. name::= theMethod name ::=returns the name of theMethod.
    301. printString::= theMethod printString ::=returns printable image.
    302. signature::= theMethod signature.
    303. text::= theMethod text ?.
    304. text::= theMethod text: aString ?.
    305. watch::= theMethod watch: aBlock.
    306. watchWith::= theMethod watchWith: arguments.

      Number methods

    307. *::= theNumber * value ::=returns product with max generallity.
    308. +::= theNumber + value ::=returns sum.
    309. -::= theNumber - value ::=returns the difference. /::= theNumber / value ::=returns the result of floating point division. //::= theNumber // value ::= integer division, truncate towards negative infinity`.
    310. <::= theNumber < value ::=returns Boolean true/false depending on comparison.
    311. =::= theNumber = value ::=returns Boolean true/false depending on comparison.
    312. \\::= theNumber \\ value ::= remainder after integer division `.
    313. abs::= theNumber abs ::=returns absolute value.
    314. ceiling::= theNumber ceiling ::= the smallest integer greater than or equal this number`.
    315. copy::= theNumber copy.
    316. exp::= theNumber exp ::=returns e to the power (theFloat).
    317. floor::= theNumber floor ::= The largest integer that is less than or equal to me`.
    318. fractionalPart::= theNumber fractionalPart.
    319. isInteger::= theNumber isInteger.
    320. isNumber::= theNumber isNumber.
    321. ln::= theNumber ln ::=returns a Floating point natural logarithm of theNumber.
    322. log::= theNumber log: value Common logarithm (base 10).
    323. maxgen::= theNumber maxgen: value ?.
    324. negated::= theNumber negated ::=return the nagative of theNumber.
    325. negative::= theNumber negative ::=return Boolean, true if less than zero?.
    326. positive::= theNumber positive ::=returns a Boolean, true when theNumber is greater than zero.
    327. quo::= theNumber quo: value.
    328. raisedTo:::= theNumber raisedTo: n ::=returns Number that is theNumber to the nth powe.
    329. reciprocal::= theNumber reciprocal 1.0/theNumeber.
    330. rem:::= theNumber rem: value.
    331. roundTo:::= theNumber roundTo: value ?.
    332. sign::= theNumber sign ::=returns an Integer sign of theNumber.
    333. sqrt::= theNumber sqrt ::=returns the square root of theNumber as a Float.
    334. squared::= theNumber squared ::=returns the square of the number.
    335. strictlyPositive::= theNumber strictlyPositive ::=returns Boolean, true when greater than zero.
    336. to:::= theNumber to: value ::=returns and Interval of Numbers in range theNumber to value.
    337. to:::= theNumber to: value by: step ::=returns and Interval of Numbers in range theNumber to value with step between items.
    338. trucateTo:::= theNumber trucateTo: value ?.

      Object methods

    339. =::= theObject = aValue ::=returns Boolean true/false depending on comparison.
    340. ==::= theObject == aValue ::=returns Boolean , true iff same object.
    341. asString::= theObject asString.
    342. assign::= theObject assign: name value: val.
    343. basicAt::= theObject basicAt: index ::=returns item with index index.
    344. basicAt::= theObject basicAt: index put: value ::= change the item at position index in theObject.
    345. basicSize::= theObject basicSize ::= rteurns integer describing size of theObject.
    346. class::= theObject class ::= Return the Class in which theObject is an instance.
    347. copy::= theObject copy.
    348. deepCopy::= theObject deepCopy .
    349. display::= theObject display ::= outputs suitable information about object.
    350. hash::= theObject hash ?.
    351. isFloat::= theObject isFloat.
    352. isFraction::= theObject isFraction.
    353. isInteger::= theObject isInteger.
    354. isKindOf::= theObject isKindOf: aClass ::=returns a Boolean, true if theObject is a memebr of a sublass of a subclass...of aClass.
    355. isLongInteger::= theObject isLongInteger.
    356. isMemberOf::= theObject isMemberOf: aClass ::=returns a Boolean, true if theObject is an instance of aClass.
    357. isNil::= theObject isNil Boolean, true when theObject is the nill object.
    358. isNumber::= theObject isNumber.
    359. isShortInteger::= theObject isShortInteger.
    360. message::= theObject message: m notRecognizedWithArguments: a.
    361. new::= theObject new default intialisation routine for all objects.
    362. notNil::= theObject notNil ?.
    363. print::= theObject print outputs theObjects printString'.
    364. printString::= theObject printString ::=returns printable image.
    365. respondsTo::= theObject respondsTo: message.
    366. shallowCopy::= theObject shallowCopy .
    367. ~~::= theObject ~~ aValue ::=returns Boolean, true if not the same object`.

      Random methods

    368. between::= theRandom between: low and: high ::=returns a random number uniformly distributed in low..high.
    369. next::= theRandom next ::=returns a random Float between 0.0 and 1.0.
    370. next::= theRandom next: n reurns an array of n next random values in 0.0..1.0.
    371. randInteger::= theRandom randInteger: n ::=returns a random integer in range 1 to n.
    372. set::= theRandom set: value ?.

      Scheduler methods

    373. initialize::= theScheduler initialize .

      Set methods

    374. add::= theSet add: value adds a new (nonduplicated) value.

      Smalltalk methods

    375. load::= theSMalltalk load: fileName (local) read in new methods, classes, etc from file fileName.
    376. cantFindGlobal::= theSmalltalk cantFindGlobal: name Handles exception, outputs message.
    377. class::= theSmalltalk class: aClass doesNotRespond: aMessage Handles exception, outputs message.
    378. echo::= theSmalltalk echo ::= toggle whether interpretter echoes its input or not`.
    379. error::= theSmalltalk error: aString.
    380. flushMessageCache::= theSmalltalk flushMessageCache ?.
    381. getPrompt::= theSmalltalk getPrompt: aString.
    382. inquire::= theSmalltalk inquire: aString .
    383. perform::= theSmalltalk perform: message withArguments: args.
    384. perform::= theSmalltalk perform: message withArguments: args ifError: aBlock .
    385. saveImage::= theSmalltalk saveImage.
    386. saveImage::= theSmalltalk saveImage: name .
    387. watch::= theSmalltalk watch.

      String methods

      ,::= theString , value ::=returns string made up of TheString and values printString'.
    388. <::= theString < value ::=returns Boolean true/false depending on comparison.
    389. =::= theString = value ::=returns Boolean true/false depending on comparison.
    390. asByteArray::= theString asByteArray .
    391. asInteger::= theString asInteger ::=returns result of interpretting theString as an integer..
    392. asSymbol::= theString asSymbol ::=returns a Symbol with string as its representation.
    393. basicAt::= theString basicAt: index ::=returns character at position index.
    394. basicAt::= theString basicAt: index put: aValue change character at position index in theString.
    395. copy::= theString copy ::=returns a copy of the string.
    396. copyFrom::= theString copyFrom: low to: high ::=returns a substring low..high.
    397. edit::= theString edit .
    398. execute::= theString execute .
    399. hash::= theString hash.
    400. input::= theString input ::= (local) print theString as a prompt and input from terminal.
    401. load::= theString load ::= (local) read in a file of definitions with name theString.
    402. print::= theString print.
    403. printNoReturn::= theString printNoReturn (local) ::=send theString to stdout with no end-of-line.
    404. printString::= theString printString ::=returns printable image.
    405. size::= theString size ::=returns an integer equal to the number of characters in theString.
    406. unixCommand::= theString unixCommand.
    407. value::= theString value.
    408. words::= theString words: aBlock ?.
    409. else::= theSwitch else: block case statements default case.
    410. ifMatch::= theSwitch ifMatch: key do: block part of a case statement.
    411. key::= theSwitch key: value Start of cases.

      Symbol methods

    412. asString::= theSymbol asString ::=returns a string representing theSymbol.
    413. assign::= theSymbol assign: value.
    414. copy::= theSymbol copy.
    415. printString::= theSymbol printString ::=returns printable image.
    416. respondsTo::= theSymbol respondsTo ::=returns a collection of classes that respond to theSymbol.
    417. value::= theSymbol value.
    418. apply::= theSymbol apply: args.
    419. apply::= theSymbol apply: args ifError: aBlock.

      True methods

    420. ifTrue::= theTrue ifTrue: trueBlock ifFalse: falseBlock evaluates the falseBlock.
    421. not::= theTrue not ::=returns a False.
    422. printString::= theTrue printString.
    423. xor::= theTrue xor: aBoolean.

      UndefinedObject methods

    424. createGlobals::= theUndefinedObject createGlobals .
    425. initialize::= theUndefinedObject initialize.
    426. isNil::= theUndefinedObject isNil ::=returns True.
    427. notNil::= theUndefinedObject notNil ::=returns True if not a nil.
    428. printString::= theUndefinedObject printString.

    . . . . . . . . . ( end of section Smalltalk Methods Initially defined in Our Smalltalk.) <<Contents | End>>