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    Smalltalk vocabulary

  1. method::glossary=A way of handling a message`.
  2. message::glossary=An object that is sent to an object and which can determine a method in the objects class which is then interpretted.
  3. protocol::glossary=A set of messages acceptable by a particluar class.
  4. instance_variable::glossary=A named value associated with a particular object. Its type and name is determined by the class. Its value is changed by methods. Other objects do not have direct access to instance variables of other objects.
  5. superclass::glossary=A class associated with another class which supplies default protocols and variables that are use if not defined in the class itself.

  6. subclass::gloassary=Opposite of superclass. A subclass is just like objects of this class but can have extra instance varaibles and can hve added or replacement methods for those of this class.

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