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Thu Apr 4 17:13:18 PDT 2013
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      See the [ syllabus.htm ] for details -- look for the table at the end of the syllabus that describes what is needed for each phase in the project. And how the points are allocated.

      You are required to study and improve the documentation and design of a language called A: [ A.html ] (web format) and [ A.txt ] (raw) that I've just started to develop. A is the kind of autocode I had to use in the 1960s in the UK. It needs fixing.

      Notice that the language refrence manual also has problems. The BNF is pretty good and it has examples, but there are too few comments and hardly any semantics.


      It is essential that your work in teams. People who work alone have rarely got a good grade. A team can have 2,3,4, or 5 members. All people in the team get the same scores.

      Hints: start by getting email addresses and schedules from all people on the team. Then schedule a meeting time to start the project.

      Project Phase 1 due class 07

      Check the [ schedule.html ] for the date when this is due.

      1. You have a specification for a small language with a large number of defects. [ A.html ]
      2. Your first task is to draw a UML diagram of the concepts used in the language. Drawing this diagram should help you spot some things that you'd like to change in the original specification.
      3. Before you hand in this diagram checkout [ UMLErrors.pdf ] to avoid getting lots of corrections.
      4. Your second task is to prepare a list of improvements you would make to the language. You should prepare at least one piece of code as an example of how your know language will be used. You can change your mind, but it helps to be specific now.
      5. Your third task is to give a name to the language that you will produce.
      6. Fourth Task: write up your results: diagram, improvements, language name, and the people in the group.
      7. Finally: hand it in. Plain paper, stapled please. No cover sheets, folders, etc.

      Grading: examples 3pts, comments 3 pts, UML 4 points. Points: 10.

      Project Phase 1 resubmit class 11

      You can resubmit your first phase.

      No further resubmissions!

      Project Phase 2 due class 15

      1. Who did it?
      2. Name of Language?
      3. Changes to the syntax (BNF/EBNF/XBNF),
      4. Examples of code in your language,
      5. UML Diagram of the semantics of your new language.

      Grading: examples 2pts, comments 2 pts, BNF 3 points, UML 3 points. Points: 10

      Project Phase 3 due class 20

      Deliverables: Present your new language to class.... including
      2. examples,
      3. syntax,
      4. semantics.

      5. All members in the team need to make a visible or audible contribution.

      Grading: examples 2pts, comments 2 pts, BNF 3 points, UML 3 points. Points: 10

      Project Phase 4 LRM

      Hand in a complete Language Reference Manual or LRM to me or my box in the dept. office before the deadline in schedule.

      Grading: examples 3pts, comments 3 pts, BNF 5 points, UML 4 points. Points: 15

      Projects in the Final

      THere will be questions in the final exam that will ask you about your specific project.

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