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Java API Documentation

Java interfaces and classes are grouped into packages. The following Package Index lists all available packages, from which you can access interfaces and classes.

Java Packages

Package that contains essential Java classes, including numerics, strings, objects, compiler, runtime, security and threads. Unlike other packages, java.lang is automatically imported into every Java program.
Package containing miscellaneous utility classes, including generic data structures, settable bits class, time, date, string manipulation, random number generation, system properties, notification, and enumeration of data structures.
Package that provides a set of input and output streams to read and write data to files, strings, and other sources.
Package for network support, including URLs, TCP sockets, UDP sockets, IP addresses and a binary-to-text converter.
Package that enables construction of applets. It also provides information about an applet's parent document, about other applets in that document, and enables an applet to play audio.
Package that provides user interface features such as windows, dialog boxes, buttons, checkboxes, lists, menus, scrollbars and text fields. (Abstract Window Toolkit)
Package for managing image data, such as the setting the color model, cropping, color filtering, setting pixel values and grabbing snapshots.
Package that connects AWT components to their platform-specific implementation (such as Motif widgets or Microsoft Windows controls).

Other Packages
Package to support Java debugging and object inspection tools.
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