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    CSci320 High-Level Computer Languages Spring 2006

      2007-01-08 Mon Jan 8 12:01 High wind announcements

      The campus has been closed.

      It would be good if you can go to a computer science lab and try out your log in.

      The labs for the class have been moved to JBH356.

      Get the text and study chapter 1 ready for the next class -- and bring in question+answers for the review questions -- see handout for details.

      Meanwhile, news of the language D [ 3652176 ]

      2007-01-08 Mon Jan 8 09:01 Change of Plan -- Office hours 2:40-3:40

      I'm moving my office hours 5 minutes earlier than in the printed syllabi to give me time to walk across campus to TC013.

      2007-01-03 Wed Jan 3 10:01 Small schedule change

      I'll need more time to do the final grading so [ schedule.html ] shows the draft grades being posted later.

      2006-12-20 Wed Dec 20 10:12 Modula and Ada in Dr. Dobbs

      Interesting: [ modula2_modula3.html;jsessionid=YCQUJCWU350MWQSNDLRCKH0CJUNN2JVN ] (Modula-2, Modula-3, Whatever. ) [ lets_hear_for_t.html ] (Let's hear it for Ada)

      2006-12-19 Tue Dec 19 11:12 Draft syllabus and improved schedule

      I've clarified the schedule [ schedule.html ] and updated the syllabus [ syllabus.html ] for this course. [Contact] me if you have any problems or questions.

      I've also fixed the [Search...] engine!

      2006-12-06 Wed Dec 6 10:12 Draft Schedule published

      I've uploaded and published the draft [ schedule.html ] , please check it for errors. The syllabus will follow after I finish grading and things -- next week. However I don't plan any big changes from the old syllabusses.

      2006-12-01 Fri Dec 1 13:12 Decline in Visual BASIC Questioned

      CSci320 is about different languages. New languages are being created all the time. And yesterday's "great" language starts to slide into museum status...

      [ 0,1895,2065392,00.asp ]

      I'll be starting renovating the cs320 web site ready for the Winter Quarter 2007 "Real Soon Now".

      2006-11-28 Tue Nov 28 13:11 Popular languages list

      From David Cumbow -- a 320 alumni:
        Thought you might like this for your 320 class. Also for our Senior Seminar so people can know what is out there and is popular...

        [ index.htm?tiobe_index ]

      2006-11-07 Tue Nov 7 11:11 Winter 2007 CSCI320 Scheduled

       CSCI 320  MW 12-115 + 130-2:20 Final Mar ??
      [ plan.html ]

      I'll be sorting out the day-by-day schedule in December 2006.

      Meanwhile.... I hope to work with the Computer Science Club to provide coverage several interesting languages that I can't cover in detail... for credit.

      2006-06-16 Fri Jun 16 08:06 Draft Final and Course Grades Posted

      I've posted the grades for the final and for the whole course. Here is the distribution of grades
      The worst topics (=lowest mean score) were Chapter 7 (Expressions) and Chapter 12 (Objects).

      Please review these as soon as possible and tell me of any errors.

      Previous Entries Archived

      [ blog2006spring.html ]

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