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Thu May 10 16:59:14 PDT 2012
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    Guile -- Gnu Scheme

      Guile runs version of Scheme close to that described in the book

      Running a scheme interpreter in a command line window

      If you want to edit your input using arrow keys input these two commands just after you have started guile
       			(use-modules (ice-9 readline))
      You can preload these into guile by using this version
       		guile  -l  ~dick/lib/guile/readline.scm

      Running a scheme program saved in a file

       		guile file.name
      To load a file and then run interactively
       		guile -l file.name
      If the file has extension ".scm" or ".scheme" try Q:
       		Q name.scm

      Exitting from Guile

      or hold down CTRL and tap D.

      Getting Help inside Guile


      Special Constants

       		'()	NIL
       		#t	T
       		#f	NIL

      Formatted output -- no printf but

       		(use-modules (ice-9 format)
      adds a powerful, printf-like feature.

      Case Sensitive function names

      If "DEFINE" does not work try "define".

      Manual -- C API

      [ API-Reference in API-Reference ]

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