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    CSci320 High-Level Computer Languages Spring 2006

      2006-06-16 Fri Jun 16 08:06 Draft Final and Course Grades Posted

      I've posted the grades for the final and for the whole course. Here is the distribution of grades
      The worst topics (=lowest mean score) were Chapter 7 (Expressions) and Chapter 12 (Objects).

      Please review these as soon as possible and tell me of any errors.

      2006-06-14 Wed Jun 14 13:06 All done but the final...

      I've posted the points for the project etc. Just the final left: 6-8pm tonite. Bring enough paper for 2 hours writing and a copy of the review questions+answers assigned work.

      Best of luck!

      2006-06-08 Thu Jun 8 10:06 Grades posted

      Presentations on Monday, LRM on Tuesday, Final on Wednsday, draft grades on Friday(inshallah/deo volante).

      2006-06-06 Tue Jun 6 16:06 Template for the Final Exam

      Don't forget to bring a copy of your assigned work to the final to help you do it. Also bring enough paper for 2 hours of writing. Here [ template.pdf ] is the template for the final. Lots of detail deleted.

      2006-06-06 Tue Jun 6 12:06 Grades done... Talks on Friday

      I've just posted the latest grades... and last night fixed a small error. You can now see the last two or three grades...

      On Friday the 9th three post-graduate students from UC Santa Barbara will be talking about their research. See .See for details. I'm told that all three presentations are interesting. I'll give 10 points bonus for attending the middle one:

      1. 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM JBH391/389
      2. TITLE Mobile Augmented Reality
      3. SPEAKER Jason Wither Department of Computer Science University of California Santa Barbara

      because it should include some languages in it.

      2006-06-05 Mon Jun 5 19:06 template for final exam

      The 2004 Spring final is at [ template.pdf ] and I'll update to this quarter when I get to my office tomorrow.

      2006-06-01 Thu Jun 1 11:06 Grades done.... get ready for Prolog

      Bring some questions about Prolog to class [ 18.html ] and we will answer them.

      By the way, I've awarded some bonus points for attending the JPL seminar last Friday because someone was smart enought to ask a question that was relevant to this class's subject.

      2006-05-24 Wed May 24 20:05 Grades posted... have a good break -- CYa Wednsday

      [ 17.html ]

      2006-05-23 Tue May 23 13:05 Grades posted -- Concurrency next

      Check out [ 16.html ] to see what you don't need to study in the urrent chapter.

      2006-05-18 Thu May 18 13:05 Java, Objects, Projects, and Grades

      The next class [ 15.html ] is about Objects and stars Java.

      The next phase of the project -- syntax and semantic changes -- is due in.

      Grades have been posted.


    1. 2006-05-16 Tue May 16 13:05 ADT next and grades posted See [ 14.html ] for information that is not in the book.

      2006-05-11 Thu May 11 16:05 Grades posted... Check website

      Checkout the preparation on the website for the next class [ 13.html ] so that you can translate the book's version of LISP into our version.

      Note.... we had more network flakiness earlier today and some servers are still not 100% OK.

    2. 2006-05-09 Tue May 9 16:05 Grades posted... Class 12 next How functions work... [ 12.html ]
    3. 2006-05-08 Mon May 8 13:05 Corrected mistake in next entry
    4. 2006-05-04 Thu May 4 16:05 Class+lab 10 grades posted + Bonus Seminar+... I've posted the grades. You can earn a 10point bonus by attending my seminar on Friday (tomorrow) at 10am in the Maths Seminar Room in JBH. It will expose a major ambiguity in UML2.0.

      On Monday it is time to resubmit your project and to start work on LISP [ 11.html ] Do not forget that you have a special handout and study that rather than a chapter in the book.

    5. 2006-04-27 Thu Apr 27 14:04 Grades posted.... class 9 on Monday [ 09.html ]
    6. 2006-04-25 Tue Apr 25 15:04 Project etc grades posted... Next class: [ 08.html ] on Wednsday.
    7. 2006-04-23 Sun Apr 23 20:04 Email about COBOL from COBUG I've just got the following nice note -- and acted on it
        This email is to request a listing of the COBOL User Groups (COBUG) on your website, [ resources,html ] under the category "COBOL."

        COBUG provides the COBOL community with a comprehensive web site that contains current references to COBOL user groups, compilers, code samples, COBOL jobs, and many other COBOL programming resources.

        We are committed to developing COBOL user groups and providing an information resource for the COBOL community. We currently have more than 700 members and 12 user groups worldwide. The COBOL community benefits from our local COBOL user groups, web site, forums, and peer support.

        Title: COBOL User Groups (COBUG)

        URL: [ http://www.cobug.com/ ]

        We look forward to being listed on your website. Thank you.


        Thomas Perry COBOL User Groups (COBUG) www.cobug.com

      Check out the blogs: [ blogs0025.html ] !
    8. 2006-04-20 Thu Apr 20 12:04 Grades posted... projects due Monday I've posted the latest grades [ grading ] -- they are mainly 'A's -- this is usual at this point in the class.

      The next class is [ 07.html ] on Monday and starts with me collecting whatever you have got done for the project. But don't forget to study chapter 6 (data types) and bring three or more review exercises to class.

    9. 2006-04-18 Tue Apr 18 16:04 Web pages listed I've prepared a quick and dirty list of your web sites [ pages.html ] so that you can see what others are doing.
    10. 2006-04-13 Thu Apr 13 16:04 Ready for class 5 on the UML I've just posted the latest grades [ grading ] complete with statistics and a grade for the work completed so far.

      Don't forget to study the UML handouts and do the review question at the end of one of them. Bring 3 written answer+questions to class [ 05.html ] on Monday.

    11. 2006-04-12 Wed Apr 12 13:04 Getting ready for class 4 on Syntax etc The previous scores have been posted.... and I'll be releasing the exercises for [ 04.html ] today's class at the end of my office hour.
    12. 2006-04-06 Thu Apr 6 15:04 First scores published First thanks for a tremendous first week. We seem to be off to a good (and easy start)! Keep up the good work! Next [ 03.html ] on the development of the main languages.

      I've published the scores earned so far for people who have returned their form with its PINWord. See [ grading/ ] for the scores. However I haven't calculated any overall grades yet. I'll do this when the roster stabilizes, probably next week.

    13. 2006-04-04 Tue Apr 4 11:04 Feedback from first class meeting cs320/01 Thank you for finding some errors. I am fixing them...

      Most critical is changing some page numbers to fit the new edition. In particular you will find the review exercises on pages 35-36. Do these to prepare for [ 02.html ] the next class.

      Note: I think Sebesta has added some new material -- even some new sections in this edition vs the 6th edition...

    14. 2006-04-03 Mon Apr 3 17:04 Getting ready for first class tonite It will be in a different room to the schedule: JBH146.

      We will be talking about the class and how to do well in it.

      Then we go up to the lab to see what is new ... and what is working.

    15. 2006-03-21 Tue Mar 21 10:03 Working on syllabi ready for spring Just inserting some minor tweaks and twiddles. The schedule seems to be OK and the text book well defined. Other than that very few changes from this time last year. Check [ syllabi.html ] out.
    16. 2006-03-16 Thu Mar 16 09:03 Schedule updated for Spring 2006 Spent the night worrying about how the classroom layout will change the teaching -- will it destroy the active learning methods I've developed over the years.

      Then updated the dates on [ schedule.html ] and found I'd mistyped the date of Memorial day Holiday on two other schedules.

    17. 2006-03-07 Tue Mar 7 15:03 Book Chosen The text will be the 7th of Robert W Sebesta's book "Concepts of Programming Languages", published by Addison Wesley. -- ISBN 0-321-33025-0

      The following items were from last year's section of CS320:

    18. 2005-05-19 Thu May 19 17:50 Public files found again It turns out that URLS like
      now work with a different server

      I'm not sure how you get things published on this server....

    19. 2005-05-19 Thu May 19 13:05 Grades to date published I've posted all the grades up to last night's lab May 18 (and fixed a few bugs in it) [ lab/14.html ] as well.

      I've handed over to Dr. Gomez. and he has complete records, handout, finals, and so on.

      Best of luck and have a good summer


    20. 2005-05-12 Thu May 12 09:05 GRades for class and lab 12 posted Onward to class [ 13.html ] on Functional Programming and writing functions that handle LISP lists.
    21. 2005-05-10 Tue May 10 14:05 Grades for projects and sessions 11 posted The projects were very much better!

      Next we have [ 12.html ] which explains the magic that makes functions work correctly, combined with digging deeper into LISP in [ lab/12.html ]

    22. 2005-05-05 Thu May 5 09:05 Grades for 10 posted Next class is [ 11.html ] an is a question and answer session on LISP. Prepare by reading the handout and answering the review questions. Think of a question about LISP that you have to have answered before the first LISP laboratory.

    23. 2005-05-03 Tue May 3 14:05 Grades posted Next class: [ 10.html ] on functions.... and be ready for LISP and Project deadline 2 following that.
    24. 2005-04-28 Thu Apr 28 09:04 Latest gradess published Next class: [ 09.html ] on statements.
    25. 2005-04-26 Tue Apr 26 16:04 Projects graded, grades posted,... Next class [ 08.html ] and graded projects handed back. You have until Monday 9th May to retrieve the lost points....

      2005-04-25 Mon Apr 25 13:04 Shooting yourself in the foot

      [ shoot.in.foot.html ]
    26. 2005-04-25 Mon Apr 25 10:04 Correction: Grades for 06 posted I didn't publish them on the server until now. My Bad.
    27. 2005-04-21 Thu Apr 21 13:04 06 graded, 07 next [ 07.html ]
    28. 2005-04-19 Tue Apr 19 09:04 05 graded, get ready for 06 Thanks for making the last session fun... and glad to see how well you are picking up some basic web page creation skills.

      The grades for the UML session are published.

      The next session is on chapter 5.... see the preparation on [ 06.html ] and also don't forget to think about the first phrase of your project (due on Monday).

    29. 2005-04-14 Thu Apr 14 09:04 Grades ready for 04... Don't forget to strat your project work.... get in a team and think about what changes you'd like to make to A to get a better language. Recall: I need specific examples of the code. Examples mean something like
      not like this:
      (which won't compile!)
    30. 2005-04-12 Tue Apr 12 15:04 Grades done for 01,02,03.
    31. 2005-04-08 Fri Apr 8 07:04 Web sites ready Ken told me last night as I was leaving that he has created all the directories for CSci 320. Please check this out. You can use the "Contact" link above to let me know if your web site is not ready yet.
    32. 2005-04-05 Tue Apr 5 14:04 First grades posted! Use the "Grades Link above to find your grade.
    33. 2005-04-04 Mon Apr 4 17:04 Ready for new quarter, and news... Computerworld (03/28/05) [ item8 in 0404m ]
        A Computerworld survey of developers found that 72 percent of respondents used Microsoft's C# programming language, while 66 percent used Java; the third, fourth, and fifth most-used programming languages were Visual Basic (62 percent), C++ (54 percent), and JavaScript/ECMAScript (50 percent).

        Microsoft .Net was the framework/API of choice for 51 percent of respondents, and 48 percent said the Unified Modeling Language was not in use at their organizations, compared to 33 percent reporting that it was.

        Thirty-seven percent said they used mostly Java, 26 percent said they used mostly . Net, and 23 percent reported using both Java and .Net. Half of the polled developers said they use open-source code, although the majority said that 64-bit applications, Linux applications, or wireless applications are not under development at their organizations.

        An integrated development environment (IDE) was the preferred editor for 45 percent of respondents, while 35 percent said they used both IDE and text editors and 17 percent said they favored text editors.

      Last Quarter

      [ blog2005winter.html ]

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