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Fri Jun 11 15:47:51 PDT 2004


    CS320 High-Level Computer Languages

      Fri Jun 11 15:42:17 PDT 2004 Grades posted!

      I've just finished grading the finals and posted [ ] the first cut grades for the course.

      Most people did very well in the final.

      The course grade distribution is good:
      Please check on your scores to see if there are any errors.

      Tue Jun 8 16:45:08 PDT 2004 All PreFinal Grades Published

      Check out [ ] to see if I've got your scores for classwork, assigned work, laboratories, and projects correct.

      By the way: thnak you for some excellent projects. The presentations were all to the point and interesting. Especial thanks to those projects who got their work to me this morning!

      Don't forget to bring a lot of writing paper to the final.

      Time 6pm-8pm, Wednsday Night.

      Thu Jun 3 09:30:04 PDT 2004 Two new Prolog Examples

      Just uploaded a Prolog program [ mine.plg ] for analysing Minesweeper games and one [ chess.plg ] that checks to see that it is not possible to cover a mutilated chess board with dominoes.

      Next and last Class: [ 20.html ] project presentations on Monday.

      Thu May 27 16:17:46 PDT 2004 Grades posted etc

      [ ] [ 18.html ]

      Next: Bring questions and answers on Prolog to class and get ready for a couple of Prolog Laboratories.

      Presentations are on June 7th and the final on June 9th.

      Tue May 25 13:54:53 PDT 2004 Grades posted and notes on line

      Questions and answers from last class [ 17.html ] have been published. Next: Java, Exceptions, and Events from Chapter 14. The study guide is at the end of [ 17.html ] as well.

      Tue May 18 18:36:28 PDT 2004 Grades done... Get ready for Java

      Thu May 13 18:17:36 PDT 2004 Check your grades!

      The next topic is ADTs and you should prepare by studying chapter 11 in the text book. The laboratory will cover many languages as well as the C/C++ mentioned in the original schedule.

      Tue May 11 15:07:15 PDT 2004 Grading done

      I'm also going to revise the project web page.

      Mon May 10 12:42:45 PDT 2004 Projects graded

      Only one team gave any examples of what their new language would look like. So I got lots of good but fuzzy ideas.

      Checking the web site for the project I noticed that it didn;t mention examples (they were in the syllabus). I'm thinking about allowing teams to earn the lost 3 points in the next phase.

      Details will be announced in class.

      Notes on UML: most teams gave too much detail of the syntax ("*"). Some teams used "generalisation" to express "composition", and one team had all its compositions backwards. Here is my UML diagram [ A.gif ] of the semantics of A.

      Thu May 6 13:43:33 PDT 2004 Class+lab grades posted

      Still working on project phase 1.

      Wed May 5 06:57:06 PDT 2004 Project due, grades posted, new feature

      1. The first phase of the project is due 6pm tonight in class [ projects.html ]
      2. I posted grades yesteday for Monday, despite server problems.
      3. Many new pages will have a list of links at the top of pages that go to the material covered in each class.

      Fri Apr 30 11:57:30 PDT 2004 Corrected date in schedule

      Please check out the schedule for topics, project deadlines, and mistakes.

      Thu Apr 29 12:45:35 PDT 2004 Gredes posted

      Get ready for activation records and parameter passing in session and lab 09.

      Tue Apr 27 14:32:54 PDT 2004 Grades posted

      Mon Apr 26 15:33:11 PDT 2004 Grades posted

      Thanks for the home work under the door.... it all got 100%+credit for being in class. No grade for LAST lab yet.... We will discuss it tonight.

      Thu Apr 22 06:38:41 PDT 2004 Oops!

      I forgot to give you permission to see the file in the lab. I guess we will continue next lab...

      Wed Apr 21 08:39:18 PDT 2004 Class and Lab tonite

      I have a cold so will not be coming to work today. Here is the work to be done instead of attend the class.
      1. Slide the assigned work/prep under my office door: JBH341. It will be graded and returned before at the start of the next class. You will be given credit for attending the class as well as the work.
      2. Answer the questions on [ 08.html ] and check the answers with the book, handout, and answers linked to this page.
      3. This page also describes the first phase of your project. Also see [ projects.html ] and [ A.html ] for details. You need to form a team of between 2 and 5 people to succeed.
      4. The lab work [ 08.html ] involves creating a page that says what you learn about data types in C++ from a program that displays the sizes of different types of data. This page must be linked to your index/home page and I will grade it at the start of the next lab.

      I hope to post grades for last monday, tonight, and next monday, next week. I'm sorry about the delay.

      Tue Apr 20 08:18:16 PDT 2004 FORTRAN

      I've add an example of FORTRAN 77 to our web site: [ ] and it can be downloaded and compiled on our systems with the 'g77' command.

      You can run it.... but you need to understand how FORTRAN I/O is handled -- for example it inserts a decimal point in the place designated by the program if you don't do it in the data. In consequence you can input a line with a '1' on it and find that FORTRAN read '0.01'. This is confusing.

      Mon Apr 19 13:47:27 PDT 2004 Outlines of sessions posted

      [ 07.html ] [ 08.html ]

      Thu Apr 15 09:42:38 PDT 2004 Grades before drop date posted

      Tue Apr 13 12:31:17 PDT 2004 More grades posted...

      Covering your work on syntax.

      Don't forget to study and do homework on the UML handout, not the next chapter in the book!

      Thu Apr 8 09:29:34 PDT 2004 Grades posted!

      Excellent grade distribution so far with the worst grade being a B+ and there being 14 As and 3 A-.

      Tue Apr 6 08:36:04 PDT 2004 First grades posted

      Go to the [Grading] link at the head of this page and input your 3 letter secret Id. It will not be displayed but you will see: The codes I use, the type of work, your scores (if found), the maximum possible, the average as a % of the max possible, and the topic.

      If you I didn't get your form it is not possible to read your grades on line.

      Tue Mar 30 14:41:30 PST 2004 Correction

      First, the syllabus has two different wrong figures for the number of points for assigned work. The correct number is 4 * 18 or 72 points. This means than a maximum of 313 points could be made prior the final. The extra 13 are padding in case of an undocumented distaster. You can carry a maximum of 300 points into the final.

      Second, I've fixed some of the links in the resources page.... I typed them much too fast!

      Next step: study chapter 1 [ Next 02 in 01 ] ready for Monday night.

      Don't forget you contract/id sheet.

      Tue Mar 30 07:19:20 PST 2004 First meeting last night

      [ 01.html ] plus lab [ 01.html ]

      Corrections to the schedule etc. will be posted later today.

      If you viewed any files before class please reload them before looking again. I accidently republished some backup copies of older files.

      Tue Mar 23 12:33:12 PST 2004 Developed new schedule, syllabus etc

      Information on the previous class (winter 2004) is in [ blog041w.html ] including grade distributions.

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