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Fri May 31 17:05:58 PDT 2013
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    CSci320 Programming Language -- Class 20 -- Presentations

      Prev 19Logic ProgrammingChapter 16lab19 Prolog102
      20Project PresentationsIdeas, BNF, UML(10 pts)lab20 Prolog103
      **Jun 11Hand in to office before 4:30pmLanguage Reference Manual (15 pts)
      FinJun 13Final 6-8pmComprehensive (200 pts)
      --M Jun 17Draft Grades Postedon the Web
      --Tu Jun 18Grades Posted to CMS

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      Assigned work: Prepare to present your project.

    1. You will be presenting your project to the class, me, and any others who want to attend.

      Your task is to introduce your language and what makes it special

      You must present examples of code written in the language.

      Every body in the team should take part in the presentation.

      Present the differences in syntax between what you were given and your language

      You must use some form of BNF: BNF | XBNF | EBNF

      Present some of the Semantics of your language using the UML

      The teacher and visiting faculty and students will ask questions and you must attempt to answer them.

      Expect to make some changes as a result of your presentation.

      You will hand in your printed report later: see the schedule.

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