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Thu Apr 4 15:12:05 PDT 2013
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    CSCI320 Typical Final Questions based on Chapter 1

      Question 1 Programming Language Domains

      Name and describe no more than four(4) program domains. For each name the high level computer language (if it exists) that was designed for that domain and/or grew to dominate that domain.

      Question 2 Motivation

      Give no more than 5 reasons (1 paragraph each) for learning about programming languages other than the ones that you use in your current job.

      Question 3 Implementation Methods.

      Explain the differences between a compiling and an interpretating a language. Give examples of (1) a compiled language, (2) an interpreted language, and (3) a hybrid (compiled+interpreted) language.

      Question 4 Implementation Methods.

      Draw diagrams that show the differences between the compilation of a C++ program and the interpretation of an javascript program. ( or any other pair of compiled and interpreted languages)

      Note: In the final you will be expected to use the UML (covered later).

      Class Exercise Implementation Methods.

      In a group of 5 or 6 people prepare a demonstration that shows the difference between a compiler and an interpreter. Hint: Each program must be played by a different person. Note: the final exam will not require you to do this:-)

      Question 5 Criteria for evaluating Languages

      What Criteria can you use for evaluating languages? (a) Name and briefly describe the three (3) criteria in Sebesta. (b) Explain why each is important.

      Question 6 Characteristics of Languages

      Characteristics of languages: (1) Name and describe at least seven (7) characteristics of programming languages in Sebesta. Explain how one characteristic effects the three criteria used to evaluate languages.

      Question 7 Criteria and characteristics of a new Language

      Criteria: You are about to design a new programming languages. (a) What criteria are going to be most important to you? (b) Can you achieve all them at once? If not which are most important to you? (c) Give a couple examples of language characteristics and how they effect your criteria.

      Note: In the final I may ask similar questions about the new language that you design as a project in this class.

      Question 8 Things that drive you insane about a language

      a. List 3 or 4 things in the languages you know that really do not like.

      b. Why?


      Think back over this class and grade your personal performance in terms of how much work you need to do on this topic before the final.

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