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  1. J C M Baetan(Ed)
  2. Applications of Process Algebra
  3. Cambridge U Press Cambridge UK & NY NY 1990
  4. =Theory nonsequential algebra CSP CCS ACP
    1. problem with informal semantics in POOL pp172-236(Frits W Vaandrager)
    2. fairness and liveness [p13 of Baetan90 by J A Bergstra &J W Kop]
    3. ultrametric [p9 of Baetan90 by J A Bergstra &J W Kop] :. all guarded recursion equations without abstraction have a unique solution.
    4. process creation can be simulated. pp81-88 of Baetan90 by J A Bergstra )
    5. Process Algebra is a better model than CSP/CCS for concurrency.
    6. Relations are a basic process algebra pp1-22(J A Bergstra &J W Kop) but without <*>

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